KATHARINA HEIMSTEDT is a young woman of the renaissance and of modern times. She is thrown into a world of medieval heritage and rural traditions. Can her love to Franz endure the cruelty of war and the coldness of his family?
Franz.jpg FRANZ EGGER has been on his feet to see the world, traveling for years. Back home the war of independence seems to be a chance to proof his skills and pay tribute to his home land.
Hermann.jpg HERMANN EGGER is Franz' older brother. More and more he is in charge of running the farm. Just realizing that his own private life might have gotten some raw deal in the past few years.
Veit.jpg VEIT EGGER is the youngest of the Egger brothers. "Storm and Stress" lead him to nearly give up anything in order to join war and the upcomming brotherhood of the fighting lower class.
Elisabeth.jpg ELISABETH EGGER, a woman as cold as the mountains. But deep inside she might find a way to accept her new daughter in law Katharina.
Gallus.jpg GALLUS EGGER is Franz' father. He is the calm center of the family. Having seen a lot of fighting in his homeland within the past decades, he is not so sure about Andreas Hofer and his plans.
Staatspfarrer.jpg The PRIEST is commissioned by the state and the church of Bavaria. In order to unite the tasks of current policy and faith, he needs to be on both sides for the time being.
AndreasHofer.jpg ANDREAS HOFER, the idol of so many Tyrolean villagers. But the war at front might not be his only struggle.
anna_hofer.jpg ANNA HOFER is Hofer's wife. As so many women of that time, she has to bear an even larger burden.